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A Strive to Succeed Celebrating Women’s History Month, Anago Recognizes Dru Dulaney, Anago of Hampton Roads

Women’s History Month is an annual celebration of achievements and contributions by women. Our nation’s history is filled with often over-looked contributions of women in our culture, society and in industries across the board. Women hold a central role in the successes of this nation that stretch back to the founding of the United States. At Anago, we are proud of all our women Franchise Owners and staff and are honored to highlight Master Franchise Owner, Dru Dulaney of Anago Hampton Roads, during Women’s History Month.

Dru is a wife, mother of three, and the owner and General Manager of Anago Hampton Roads with 33 franchisees and nearly 150 clients. In celebration and recognition of Women’s History Month, we caught up with Dru to learn more about her, her passion for franchise ownership, and what motivates her to succeed.

G 43Ge 6Jdnj 0“I admire all women who follow their dreams to start and run a business while juggling family and building their business.”

What inspired you to start your own business?

My husband and I started this business as a partnership. When we bought into the Anago master franchise, we came in as a husband/wife team knowing that I would end up taking the lead of the business. My husband is very entrepreneurial and so we embarked on this journey with Anago together.

Who is your most admired female historical figure that may have influenced you to reach beyond your dreams?

I admire all women who follow their dreams to start and run a business while juggling family and building their business.

What attracted you to Anago?

I was attracted to Anago initially by its franchise model. I also loved the idea of helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams of small business ownership.

How long have you been an Anago Master Franchisee and tell me how your business has grown?

We bought our Anago Master Franchise in January 2017. The Hampton Roads location initially had five clients and three Franchise Owners. Today we have 33 Franchise Owners and nearly 150 clients.

How do you inspire your unit franchisees to be the best they can be?

I have a natural drive to succeed. I try to pass that along by offering mentorship and advice that enables myself and others to grow professionally. I also love to celebrate the people I work with. I love hosting company outings that bring us all together to relax and strengthen our bond. This helps with building the amazing team morale that we all share.

What is your favorite Anago memory so far?

I love winning Anago performance-based awards. We all work really hard, so each year that we are recognized for our performance, it makes a great memory. I love my team and winning is a reflection of the team dynamic we’ve created.