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Commercial Cleaning’s Continued Resilience for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again, and it’s a time of celebration and reflection. For many, we celebrate this time as we choose, either with family and friends or wrapped in the company of oneself. It’s a time we reach out to those in need, reminding us that goodwill toward our neighbors is a year-long effort, not just practiced during the holidays. This time of year represents many things to many people, and for those who enjoy getting out of the house and engaging in community events or finding that perfect gift for a loved one, the trials of recent years loom somewhere in the back of our minds. If not, it isn’t hard to find – just watching news reports or clicking through the daily headlines. Some say times have changed.

What hasn’t changed is moving on with daily life. What remains is the resiliency we all must keep from what we’ve learned. This is particularly true for the commercial cleaning industry and the tens of thousands of businesses that rely on these frontline workers. The commercial cleaning industry was thrust forward during the pandemic. Sanitized and disinfected were the new buzz terms. People visiting large, public areas were suddenly aware of their surroundings and how clean or unclean the area was.

“Deep cleaning” was a trending term that changed how commercial cleaning organized and structured its services. Deep cleaning went from vacuuming, mopping floors, and dusting to including regular disinfection of door handles, countertops, elevators, point-of-sale locations, and everything in between. Many commercial cleaning services adopted hospital-grade standards and products for everyday businesses, and this became the new normal, and it should be today.

Many other trends spawned from the previous years into 2022 that should carry forward, including high-tech cleaning, efficiency, and green cleaning products (to name a few), but the one that stands taller is the practice of employing professional cleaning services. Technology, quality assurance, and consistency are paramount when looking for a partner to keep your business or office space as clean and comfortable as possible.

What we’ve learned has raised standards across the board. With the looming threat of more Covid strains, more potent flu strains, and the combination of these viruses, it helps to know that businesses remain vigilant on behalf of their staff and customers. This is just one small way to put worry behind us as we continue our daily lives, and especially this time of year, to enjoy the simple moments of joy and reflection.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Anago!