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The Big Mardi Gras Clean-Up – A Party in Itself

Mardi Gras is a mesmerizing experience celebrating spring, fertility and is held the day before Ash Wednesday, which marks the start of Lent for the world’s millions of Christians. Mardi Gras in French means “Fat Tuesday” and is stretched out into days of non-stop celebrations that blend into a blur, much like the effect of drinking several of New Orleans’ specialty drinks like The Hurricane. Louisiana, by the way, is the only state where Mardi Gras is a legal holiday. 

Thousands of people travel from across the nation, and the world, to partake in this yearly Carnival celebration. This also means that thousands of people are typically too involved in the “party” to practice common community considerations like disposing of their trash into proper receptacles, whether on the street or in the hundreds of businesses lining the French Quarter. And really, not a problem.

All of us at Anago know the rituals of cleaning and disinfecting. We know it inside and out and are among the very best in the business. Our franchisees, both Master and Unit levels, approach each customer’s business with the expertise and pride in leaving behind a spotless office, showroom, or retail space, ready for patrons to enter and feel safe and clean. Therefore, we applaud the cleaning crews of New Orleans following the Mardi Gras celebrations, we know what it takes to leave behind a clean space.

The amount of people and machines that descend onto the streets is a parade in itself. Hundreds of people forming crews to clean the streets include tractor drivers, sweepers, and workers all moving through the city like a carefully orchestrated symphony. Millions of pounds of trash and debris are collected, hundreds of portable toilets are removed, and thousands of pounds of beads are swept up and hauled away, leaving the Quarter as if nothing had happened just days before.

We applaud the Department of Sanitation for overseeing the delivery of sanitation services in the French Quarter. The cleaning crews gather it all while sweeping the streets, pressure washing the sidewalks and other public areas. The cleaning alone is a special event. It covers the neighborhood bordered by Rampart Street, Canal Street, Esplanade Street, and the Mississippi River, to the Downtown Development District bordered by Calliope Street, Claiborne Avenue, and Iberville Street.

Every day isn’t Mardi Gras, but every day is a good day to clean and disinfect your business for your staff and patrons. At Anago, we too consider each client’s clean-up a special event. It is our time to shine while making your business shine in the process.