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A Salute to Unsung Heroes

The COVID-19 epidemic has turned the world upside down on many levels. From social distancing, to wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) while grocery shopping and changing how we conduct our everyday lives. Many industries are presented with brand-new challenges. How can a restaurant thrive if they can’t accommodate customers with new social distancing restrictions? Retail stores are having to rethink store capacity levels and going to the doctor might soon mean utilizing a tele-medicine platform for basic wellness and other issues like ear infections, allergies, diabetes or hypertension.

What we do know, and what we have seen, is the incredible spirit and sacrifice from those we have come to know as “essential workers.” All of us at Anago Cleaning Systems recognize these unsung heroes and have experienced a renewed, and in some cases a brand new, profound respect and gratitude for people on the frontlines fighting the disease head-on, and for those who are keeping essential services available to all Americans. Take a moment and imagine how much more difficult this time would be without the contributions of these individuals. Because now we are SINGING their praises!

Doctors/Nurses/Healthcare workers

This group of people are our modern-day heroes and are on the very frontlines of fighting this disease in order to save the lives of those infected and protect the healthy from getting sick. It doesn’t get much more heroic than that! Many times, we think of healthcare workers as only the physicians and nursing staff, but let’s not forget the many behind the scenes helping keep the battlefield safe for the clinical staff. Janitorial staff operate in the shadows of healthcare. They keep the hospital clean, sanitized, disinfected, and stocked with all necessary provisions. There are many others behind the scenes, and we honor them.

Truckers/Deliver Drivers & Supply Chain Staff/Grocery Store Workers

Aren’t you happy that you are able to still go to the grocery store and pick up a box of blueberry waffles and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos? Hopefully you have some other, more healthy options in your cart, but “thank our lucky stars” for our truck drivers, delivery drivers, supply chain workers, and grocery workers. This group of people get up every day to ensure the American public has access to the supplies they need. In many cases, these supplies are necessities – food, toilet paper, cleaning supplies. In other cases, they are supplies of comfort, which we all need a little bit of these days. Items like ice cream, chips (food makes both lists), and other items. The point is, without this group of people, we would not have the ability to get the items we need – think about how important that is to your health – especially mental health.

Janitors/Cleaning Crews

At Anago, we have a special place in our hearts for our unit franchisees and their cleaning crews. Just like the hospital janitorial staff already mentioned, this group of people are out there working hard every day to ensure that the places you visit during (and after) this pandemic are as clean and safe as possible. Rightfully so, there is a huge spotlight on the cleaning industry – both home and commercial cleaning. Cleaning crews are teaching us how to maintain healthy, safe environments like high-touch areas, the differences between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, and so much more.

Today, take a moment to thank one of these unsung heroes. If not for them, our current days and nights would be much harder to get through. Stay strong and stay safe, America – this too shall pass.