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Anago As A Family/Legacy Business

As a family business—now successfully operating under second-generation ownership—Anago Cleaning Systems is one of the most reputable names in the commercial cleaning industry. Anago’s Franchisees have been proudly serving a diverse range of businesses, fulfilling their commercial cleaning needs for more than 30 years. Ultimately, Anago’s goal is to offer top-notch janitorial services to create a hygienic environment for clients and employees in commercial settings.

The Anago legacy was started by David Povlitz in 1989 with a single goal in mind: helping other entrepreneurs create and run their own businesses. In 2015, Anago was passed down to his son, Adam Povlitz, the current CEO & President. Being family owned and operated, Anago supports family-owned businesses and promotes that through franchising. Today, the Anago franchise system supports over 40 Master Franchises and over 1700 unit franchises internationally – and the family is growing!

Benefits of a Family Business

Family-owned businesses offer bundles of benefits for the executive team, employees, and clients alike. Here are just a few advantages Anago employees have attributed to their family-run history:

  • More time spent together. In a family business, you see your parents, children, siblings and extended family members much more frequently, giving them plenty of time to share valuable lessons and grow not just as a business, but as a family unit. But it’s important to know when to turn work time “off.” Sammy Brinkley, a second-generation franchise owner, advises, “We try to end work conversations by 6 pm to encourage a better work/life balance.”
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  • An Opportunity to Guarantee Great Leadership. A natural entrepreneur himself, Dave raised his children in a similar fashion, encouraging his children to earn authority the hard away. These life lessons have the doubled effect of molding successful future leaders, with Adam eventually assuming the role of CEO & President, and Lisa, Dave’s daughter, taking on the Vice President position. Matt Sole, a second-generation Master Franchise owner, says “The honest advice would be to make sure children are set up for the best chance at success with the knowledge and skills they need, if they don’t have the experience.”
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  • Staying True to the Family Legacy. In family businesses, critical positions are held by those who fully understand their ancestor’s goals for the company. In a family business, you know the company legacy is in good hands. Bill Ross, Anago of the Western PA’s owner, says “It takes a long time to develop trust with employees. My dad and I had known each other for 30 years when I joined the business – and we knew we both would operate with the best interest of the business.”
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  • Prioritizing Family Values. According to Brinkley, “This is what sets us apart from our competitors. We display our family values, including integrity, and provide clear and transparent communication.” John Kessler, a second-generation Master Franchise Owner, agrees. “Keeping Anago in the family just solidifies the core values at the root of the business. Those values were held and taught by the generation before.”A group of men posing for a photo	
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  • Constant, Unwavering Support. In a family-owned business, you know you always have support even in the most trying of times. “My family is always there to bounce ideas around with, and though we way sometimes have differing opinions, they fully support my decisions to grow the business. You don’t get that kind of support as a newer executive at a regular company.” – Matt Sole, Anago of the Bay Area.

Building Impressive Family Legacies

Anago is built around a corporate family team, David (Founder/Father), Adam (CEO & President/Son) and Lisa (Vice President/Daughter). But that’s just the beginning. Anago franchises are so successful, and built on such a strong family foundation, that passing on a franchise to a younger family member is becoming the norm. Check out this list of just some of Anago’s already existing legacy franchises:

  • Anago of the Bay Area – Master Franchise operated by Matt Sole, originally opened by his father, Bill Sole.
  • Anago of Cincinnati – Master Franchise operated by Corey Albertson, originally opened by his father, Curt Albertson. Corey also operates Anago of Dayton and Anago of Columbus.
  • Washington DC – Master Franchise operated by Darren Williams, in partnership with his younger brother Michael and longtime friend, Roscoe Hamilton.
  • Anago of Charleston – Master Franchise transitioning to John Kessler, who is taking over the franchise from his grandparents, Dave and Dory Ruyts.
  • Anago of the Triangle – Master Franchise transitioning to Sammy Brinkley, who is taking over the franchise from his parents, Don and Cindy Brinkley.
  • Anago of the Hudson Valley – Unit Franchise owned by Keydy Arzu with her husband, Edson Arzu.
  • Anago of Metro Detroit Unit Franchise owned by Juliana Marica, in partnership with her husband, four children and two sons-in-law.
  • Anago of Greater Philadelphia Unit Franchise owned by Nadine Middleton, in partnership with her husband, children and grandchildren.

Why Entrepreneurs Choose Anago

Here are the top reasons our Franchise Owners decide to join the Anago family:

  • Master Franchise rights offer an excellent opportunity to grow the business and create further employment and entrepreneurship options for others. Sole says, “The Bay Area has lots of growth potential. The Anago model allows us to help a ton of clients receive quality cleaning service while also helping a ton of entrepreneurs start and grow their cleaning businesses.”
  • Anago’s insured processes and business name make it easier for entrepreneurs to make the investment.
  • Anago’s turn-key Unit Franchise program comes with a complete, hassle-free package, including financing, guaranteed contracts, insurance, well-established sales and marketing plans, and start-up cleaning equipment and supplies, so everything is perfectly in place right from the start.
  • Entrepreneurs dreaming of running a business with their family easily connect with Anago’s model. According to Brinkley, “It allows our family to work together for our overall success.”
  • Anago provides a model family business that enables franchisees to build their own family legacy and leave an impact that will last for generations to come.

Family & Working Together

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For David, Adam, and Lisa, Anago’s headquarters are like a second home—literally. It’s a place where Adam and Lisa get a chance to learn from the master himself, David, and spend time with family while creating beautiful memories through the days. “We always make it a point to have lunch on Thursday afternoons though,” Adam points out.

Most work environments take an employee’s most active hours and energy from them. By the time they get home, tired from a long day at work, they barely have any time left to play with their kids or have a meaningful conversation with their spouse before collapsing in the bed. But not at Anago. Here, your coworkers are – sometimes quite literally – your family.

A family business gives a strong platform for the family to bond and strengthens the business. With family members striving to uphold the business name through the generations, there’s no stopping it from reaching the peak of success.