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Anago Celebrates National Black Business Month

According to, Black Business Month dates back to 2004, when Frederick E. Jordan, an engineering entrepreneur, partnered with John William Templeton, the president and executive editor of the scholarly publishing company, eAccess Corp, to start this annual event.

Anago Cleaning Systems was proud to recently welcome Luper and Brittanie Akough as the newest Master Franchise owners in Omaha, NE. Luper and Brittanie are well-known in the Omaha metro area, and throughout the state, for their diverse business portfolio that spans real estate, logistics, insurance, and now commercial cleaning. Better than that, they’re also regarded and respected for being the state’s second largest black-owned employer, with a particular interest in paving employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the state’s minority communities.

Luper and Brittanie are just two examples of the extraordinary diversity among Anago Master Franchise owners. We also honor Korli Kamara, Anago of Houston; Chris Hammond, Anago of Las Vegas; and Roscoe Hamilton, Darren Williams, and Mike Williams, Anago of Washington D.C. They’re shining examples of hard work, dedication to the community, and for opening pathways for first-time entrepreneurs to savor the taste of small business ownership.

We also want to honor all the Unit Franchisees and hundreds of employees across the U.S. and Canada for their Anago journey – many working toward expansion or becoming franchise owners.

There are many reasons why Anago continues to grow and shine through all types of economic weather. Strong franchise system support, low barrier to entry, fulfilling a dream of small business ownership, and the ability to see a near-immediate return on investment. The Anago Cleaning System is so robust that it was recently listed among the Top 100 Recession-Proof Franchises by the Franchise Business Review.

Black businesses are booming nationwide, and Anago is proud to be a part of the leading sectors within this growth. In addition to commercial cleaning, black businesses play essential roles in the services we count on every day. These include healthcare, social work, salons and spas, auto dealerships, restaurants, and more.

As we honor the Black Anago Master and Unit Franchise owners and their staff, we also recognize the more significant outcome for our nation…the continued growth of diversity and equality for the American Dream and meritocracy. Anago is engrained in the very fabric of communities across the country, and our franchisees clean #whereyoueat, #whereyouwork, #whereyouplay, and #whereyouvacation, and this message is essential and underrepresented when it comes to capital and opportunities for black families to build a legacy of generational wealth for their families.