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Anago Family Spotlight – Nadine Middleton

Approximately sixteen years ago, Nadine Middleton’s husband, James, came home from work and shared the idea of going into business for themselves. James had enjoyed a long career in environmental services for the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He loved the work, but he and Nadine had a dream they shared, owning their own business. With an entrepreneurial spirit running through their veins, they decided to take a chance. And it paid off big time!

Nadine began researching and exploring different opportunities, when she ran across the Anago website. She says that of all the other companies she studied, Anago was the only one that she felt cared about her and the growth of her business. She admits that one of the main aspects that sold her on Anago was the “family” feel she received when reaching out.

Being an analytical person, Nadine was satisfied with what she heard while learning about Anago. After the initial shock of making the decision to “go into business for themselves” and dealing with the wide-eyed realization of taking a chance while supporting their three young children, Nadine collected the money they had saved and called Anago.

Nadine admits that becoming an Anago Franchise Owner was the best thing that ever happened to her family.

“We are very family-oriented and it was important to us that Anago valued family,” said Nadine. “Working side-by-side with my husband, children and grandchildren is a dream come true. I get to see them every day. My children know this business now more than I do and knowing this business will carry within our family is something special.”

Anago’s Unit Franchise program is turn-key and comes complete with financing, orientation, guaranteed business contracts, insurance, start-up cleaning supplies and equipment, and a sales and marketing program already in place. Nadine says it took a short time to get going, and they haven’t stopped since.

Nadine shares that the living they made from their Anago franchise gave them the freedom they always dreamed of, raised three kids, put them through college, and provided them with the means to live a happy, comfortable life with room for little extras along the way.

For Nadine, the best part of this experience is having two of her three kids return to the family business once they graduated college. Today, the family works together, providing commercial cleaning services to local businesses in the Philadelphia-metro area and employing nearly 20 staff members…many being family members. They have all been working hard to “Keep Philly Clean and Safe” as they, too, deal with the ups and downs of the global coronavirus pandemic. With her family by her side, there is nothing Nadine and her Anago team cannot accomplish.

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