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Anago Offers Ways to Welcome the Summer Solstice While Cleaning

Summer is finally here, and it couldn’t have come soon enough! The summer solstice marks a brief moment in time in which the Earth’s tilt is at its greatest inclination toward the sun, making that day (June 21st) the most extended period between sunrise and sunset. All of us at Anago Cleaning Systems want you to have a safe, clean summer, so why not use that extra time to do a little cleaning while welcoming the summer solstice into your home?

Here are a few ideas to consider.

Get Outside!

It’s the longest day of the year, so what better way to enjoy the summer solstice than by getting outside and cleaning out the garage and scrubbing the outdoor deck or patio. Clear out the garage and place everything in the driveway (this is the outside part). Then proceed to dust and sweep, remove oil stains, rinse off the floor, then sweep it all out the garage door (and look, you are outside again). Same with the deck or patio. Remove any furniture, plants, BBQ grills, and sweep out the dust, dirt, and any spiders that may have set up shop in the corners. Since we are celebrating the Earth, make sure you use an environmentally safe oxy solvent. Once that is done, rinse thoroughly and let the area dry.

Throw a Party!

Summer solstice parties are fantastic, and they feel great! It’s the first day of summer, and your friends and family are enjoying great music, good grilling, and feeling “cool in the pool.” But back-up a minute. Before you jam with the fam, you will need to clean the house and the pool (yes, the pool and you won’t like what you read on this). For the home, hit the main areas for now and make a note to deep clean later. Vacuum the entire house, clean the windows, sanitize high-touch areas like doorknobs and sink handles. Please clean the bathrooms (don’t skimp on this)!

Ok, take a deep breath! Your pool is likely to have many things from feces to bacteria that can be extremely harmful, not to mention disgusting. First, make sure you are taking care of your pool water by adding in the correct amount of chemicals on a regular schedule. Even if you think your pool is clean, do yourself a favor and follow these few pool rules other than the “Welcome to our OOL, notice there is no P in it, please keep it that way” signs, (and ask your guests to do the same).

  1. Shower before entering the pool and when you get out. If you don’t have an outdoor shower, grab the garden house and rinse yourself off.
  2. Do NOT drink the pool water or take it into your mouth to squirt somebody – this is a huge NO and COME ON, MAN!
  3. Lastly, if you have any open cuts or sores, please stay out of the pool. This can be dangerous for all involved.

Now that you’ve cleaned the house, garage, outdoor deck and pool, you can enjoy the twilight hours of the summer solstice. Some call the last hour before the sun sets the Magic Hour. We think they are right! So, gather up a loved one and enjoy it. All of us at Anago wish you a very happy summer.

Please remember to wash your hands often, wear masks when possible, and keep social distancing in mind. Stay Strong, Stay Safe!