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Celebrating the American Dream of Business Ownership in the Age of COVID-19

Juliana Marica immigrated to the United States in 2000 to build a better life for herself and her family. In her home country of Suriname, Juliana was a schoolteacher and tried to find work in her field when she arrived. This proved more difficult than she initially thought. Becoming a teacher in the USA would require her to earn an American university degree and re-certification. In short, she would have to start over from scratch, and this was something Juliana couldn’t afford to do at the time. To earn a living, she joined her mother-in-law cleaning homes while she figured out what to do.

For the next 14 years, Juliana and her husband worked hard, kept focus, saved money, and decided to reach for the American dream of business ownership. In 2014, Juliana and her husband sat down at the family’s computer and started researching commercial cleaning franchises. Anago was the first hit on her internet search, and she began reading everything she could about this opportunity. Though she looked around at other companies, including making introductory calls to learn more, Juliana ultimately went with Anago when it was time to make her decision.

Juliana took her tax refund check and bet it on herself and her strong work ethic. With Anago’s turnkey unit franchising structure, everything seemed to be in place for her to jump in and put her work ethic into full force.

“It was a scary and intimidating decision to buy a franchise,” said Juliana. “What made the decision easier was Anago’s system of guaranteed business and processes. Having the business insured and bonded, having the needed equipment offered as part of the package, along with the sales and marketing support, eased the fears of taking a risk.”

In a short time, Juliana had several contracts in place, and more were coming in. As the business grew, Juliana’s husband decided to leave his job and join his wife to help continue growing the business. As the business started showing results, the family was both proud and excited at the level of income that was being generated along with the positive feedback they received from clients. Not long after, Juliana’s four children and two sons-in-law joined in, making their Anago franchise a family affair.

Today, Juliana and her family are doing their part to keep Detroit clean and safe from COVID-19. They clean several hospitals, healthcare facilities, and daycares and have been on the frontlines of the pandemic since day one.

In the wake of COVID-19, Juliana and her family are staying strong in health and family finances. Juliana is a shining example of achieving the American Dream of business ownership through perseverance, a strong belief in her abilities, and the grit of hard work, dedication, and focus.