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Cleaning Tips for Super Bowl LVI

You can’t deny that American Football is huge. One of the nation’s most significant non-holiday events is the annual National Football League Super Bowl game. Despite not being named America’s Favorite Pastime sport, which goes to baseball, the Super Bowl draws tens of millions of viewers, costs millions of dollars for a .30 second commercial, and is the talk of the proverbial office water cooler for days and weeks. And let’s not forget the Super Bowl halftime show, which has grown to attract the biggest names in the music business to entertain fans for a short, less than 15-minute production that is a beast to produce and pull off.

As a fun side note, Super Bowl Sunday is amidst a growing controversial conversation (and petition on to move the game to Saturday and name the following Monday a holiday. The reasoning as stated on the website is:

“It will get more money. And get more visitors to the game. NFL will get more television views because most government jobs have Sunday off. It will let more children enjoy their beloved game on TV or at the venue. Most of the football playoff games are on Saturday anyway.”

As a matter of fact, the Monday following Super Bowl Sunday has been the most called-out sick day for decades and is affectionately known as “Super Sick Monday.”

Before the Game

Whether the game is played on Saturday going forward or stays on a tradition of Sundays, homes across the nation prepare, plan, and gear up (on swag and food) for the big game.

Anago is here to provide some cleaning tips before and after the big game to help you ease in and out of this national event. First is the set-up and preparation. Unlike gatherings with friends and family during the holidays, you expect the Super Bowl to be a “rowdy” event, so we recommend not going through too much trouble to clean your house beforehand. Simply cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen should suffice, knowing that these are two areas of the house that will take the brunt of the beatdown. Make sure your refrigerator is cleaned out of previous leftovers (to make room for new leftovers) and your pantry is stocked with backup beverages and snacks to move quickly onto the buffet line or whichever food offering set-up you choose.

After the Game

One of the last things on your mind is attempting to clean up while exhausted from the game and consuming mass amounts of snacks and beverages, especially if your team loses. The bad news is that if you live on the east coast of the U.S., the game will not end until around 11 pm. The best thing to do is clean and organize throughout the game (if possible). Make sure you have some strong surface cleaning products on hand and get ready to have your dishwasher running as much as both teams running backs. Lastly, make sure you have plenty of containers to store leftover food or send some home with your guests. This will also help keep your refrigerator from overload, and let’s be honest, are you going to wake up on Monday and want to eat the same Super Bowl foods?