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Dog Days of Summer 2022

It’s hot, sultry, and steamy around many parts of the nation—a time traditionally known as the “Dog Days of Summer.” The slang meaning signals a time of stagnation when it’s hard to get work done, and sales drop dramatically across consumer markets. At Anago, we recognize the Dog Days of Summer, but it does not slow us down.

Anago locations across the nation and Canada continue to work hard to ensure that our customers maintain clean and disinfected businesses so that patrons can feel confident when shopping or visiting. And since it’s the dog days of summer, many businesses are pet friendly, and we work hard to ensure those businesses are just as clean as any other (not that dogs are dirty). Additionally, many businesses are allowing employees to bring their dog to work, not just on special, “bring your dog to work day,” but year-round. This is an effort to attract employees back into the workplace.

People today engage with their pups much more than decades before. This means dogs are cared for better, fed better foods, have more beds in the house than their human owners, and are taken out more in public places. At Anago, we love dogs and love when people can enjoy a meal or coffee at their favorite café or restaurant with their dog in tow.

For businesses that allow dogs inside, we wanted to give a sneak preview of the attention to detail we provide to ensure your business is clean for the next day’s business traffic. And since COVID, more employers are allowing dogs in the office. These tips are handy.

  • Air Quality is one of the move important cleanliness factors that many people tend to forget (usually because it’s difficult to see). Dust and debris are issues even without our furry friends adding dander and hair to the air we breathe (especially in indoor environments). Also, don’t forget to change your HVAC system filters monthly.
  • Vacuuming isn’t enough. In our experience, to remove dog hair from a large carpet area, it’s best to use a rubber blade like a window squeegee to rake the area. The rubber blade will quickly gather the hair, so you can easily pick up the mounds and dispose of them. Afterward, you can give the room a good vacuuming.
  • Deal with all accidents as quickly as possible. As a business (and workplace), make it a pet rule to have an “accident kit” on hand. This kit should be equipped with antibacterial spray, a cleaning brush, “poop bags,” and maybe some rubber gloves. The best way to clean is to blot the area as best you can with towels to remove excess. For more stubborn stains and odors, there are several green enzymatic cleaners you can find to spray on your carpet.

Overall, the dog days of summer won’t last too long, but having your furry friend around long past the hot, stagnant days will continue to be a pleasurable experience. If your business allows dogs for patrons or your office will enable dogs at work, and you need some advice or help, give us a call. To locate an Anago office near you for a customized proposal to clean your office, please visit our website at