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Laser Focus Determination, Hard Work & Dedication Celebrating Black History Month, Anago Recognizes Chris Hammond, Anago of Las Vegas

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. At Anago, we are proud of all our Franchise Owners and staff and are honored to highlight Master Franchise Owner, Chris Hammond. In June of 2018, Chris took the helm as Regional Director of Anago Las Vegas, and manages operations for 25-unit franchises throughout the Las Vegas metroplex with Glenda De La Paz.

In celebration and recognition of Black History Month, we caught up with Chris to learn more about him, his passion for franchise ownership and why Colin Powell is his most admired historical figure.

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“My favorite memory was the first day I arrived at the office with the keys and the realization hit me that this is now my business and I was officially a business owner.”

–Chris Hammond

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was tired of corporate politics and working for bad leaders/managers. I wasn’t fond of working hard to make money for others or dedicate my life to somebody else’ bottom line. I knew I could do that for myself. I wanted to build my own wealth and build something from scratch that ultimately would be mine with the possibility to share the business with my family and hopefully one day hand it down to my children.

What attracted you to Anago Cleaning Systems?

I was attracted to the opportunity to build and grow my own business. I also liked the Master Franchise concept that provides you with multiple streams of income. The ability to grow without the need to own/have multiple locations.

Who is your most admired historical figure that influenced you to reach beyond your dreams?

Colin Powell. Since I was in leadership, I consumed information about great leaders religiously. Colin Powell at the time had achieved the highest level in government for an African American. I read a few books written about his leadership style. The tenets he incorporated into this leadership style helped me achieve one of my professional goals (at that point in my career), which was to become a Director of a Contact Center (highest level of authority of a contact center).

A few of the concepts that helped me ultimately achieve that goal and achieve extraordinary results included: different situations require different approaches, apply the strategy/tactics that fit the situation, and work hard and play hard just to name a few. I also admired his communication skills along with the dignity and grace in which he carried himself throughout the military and political career.

How do you inspire your unit franchisees to be the best they can be?

We send them tips and suggestions about cleaning/sanitizing, being a business owner, along with tax and legal updates that are relevant. Glenda will work with our unit franchisees at their accounts to provide them hands on advice that will help them satisfy a client and ensure they understand and adhere the scope of work to minimize complaints and improve their overall knowledge. We also have them complete relevant certifications, such as, Anago Protection+ Disinfection, Electrostatic Sprayer operation, GHS HAZMAT. We routinely speak with them about best practices and the next steps to help prepare them to grow.

What is your favorite Anago memory?

My initial favorite memory was the first day I arrived at the office with the keys and the realization hit me that this is now my business and I was officially a business owner. My second was I had set up a phone interview with Glenda. She was in the area and decided to show up in person and I met her in the parking lot. She was my first interview and few weeks later I hired her, and she started with me a week before our official first day taking over the business, and she has been by my side since.