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Protection for the Coronavirus

With news of the coronavirus all around us, Anago Cleaning Systems, one of the biggest international commercial cleaning companies, is issuing best practices to protect against the virus in your home and office.

“There is so little known that everyone needs to take time to understand how they can best protect themselves, their families and their co-workers,” said Adam Povlitz, President & CEO of Anago Cleaning Systems.  “Because our franchisees create healthy workspaces across the world every day, we are issuing some initial best practices, which will be updated as necessary.”

They include:

  • Read the Label. Knowledge is power and if you’re informed you’re in the best position to combat the virus. Read the labels of your cleaning supplies to know what is in them.
  • Check the Websites – The labels can tell you so much, but when it comes to a new virus such as the coronavirus, many cleaning products are updating their websites with specific information
  • Hydrogen peroxide with a dilution ratio of 7% or more will kill the virus. Most household products are 3% so you’ll have to look for commercial-grade materials
  • Disinfect surfaces, but be ready to wait. Virtually all disinfectants need prolonged time on a surface to be effective. So if you apply a disinfectant and quickly wipe it away, it will have no effectiveness. And be very careful if you use bleach, which can be very destructive and difficult to breathe in. Anago Franchise Owners do not, as a practice, use bleach in any workplaces, so take caution at home.
  • Use normal flu-like precautions:
    • Wash your hands for 20 second using soap and water
    • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used if handwashing isn’t possible, but rub the solution in for at least 30 seconds, and often up to 2 minutes, to be effective
    • If you’re around a person coughing or sneezing, be careful about touching your face, mouth, nose, or open wounds,

Anago Cleaning Systems will provide additional tips and information when and if it becomes available.