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School Days Return – Keeping Your Kids and Schools Safe in the Age of COVID Variants

Kids across America are wrapping up their summer vacations and heading back to the classroom. For many, this will be the first time back inside the classroom since early 2020 and it may be a bit challenging for kids to make the adjustment. As parents prepare their children to return to school, the question of mask and vaccinate mandates is on everybody’s minds. Regardless of what the rules are in your district, county, or state, Anago’s thoughts are on keeping your child’s school as clean and disinfected as possible throughout the year, just as we’ve always done and will continue to do every day during this global pandemic.

First off, it is safe to say that—even before COVID—children are notorious for spreading germs and bringing illnesses home to their families. For this reason alone, it is important to continue educating your children on the importance of maintaining good hygiene throughout the day, including a healthy practice of hand washing and social distancing.

For schools, having a proper cleaning and janitorial program in place is essential. As we all continue to monitor guidelines from governing agencies, we strongly encourage schools and educational facilities to prioritize cleaning regimens. We here at Anago continue to recommend enhanced cleaning measures that surpass those recommended by the CDC for buildings and public facilities. Given the day-to-day uncertainty and the rise of COVID-19 variants, we maintain that it’s wise to take extra precautions when cleaning and disinfecting.

You might feel comfort knowing that your local Anago cleaning crew is a franchise unit, owned and operated by people living within your community (and school district). This means there is an added layer of care given to each school (and local business) as our Anago Franchisees are extremely community-minded, and who often have kids who attend school alongside your kids. They, too, want a safe place for their children to learn, grow, and socialize, and are making every effort to make that happen by following Anago’s meticulous cleaning systems.

Anago is proud of how it has guided many schools and businesses throughout last year’s pandemic, and we remain focused and vigilant to continue wearing that badge of honor as trusted and essential frontline business units. As a GBAC Star accredited facility, we are recognized for holding the highest standard in biorisk cleaning protocols. Please take a moment to check out our Protection+ Disinfection program for advice and tiered disinfection options for your schools should have in place as children return to the classroom.