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Summer earnings with Anago

Summer fun is all around! Kids are home from school, attending a camp, playing with friends, or visiting family. Summer vacation is always something to look forward to, but there’s another summertime tradition for many teens and young adults across America: the summer job!

Summer jobs build character, provide structure, keep kids engaged and out of trouble, and help them earn money before returning to school. Sit down with any adult over 30, and they’ll likely tell you one of the best memories they had as a teen was working that first summer job. Summer jobs are meant to be fun and an excellent way to save up for that first car – from working with friends at fast-food spots or working at the community pool as a lifeguard.

There are many options for young people looking to earn extra money; some even find out that they can learn about that business and perhaps make something more out of it. Commercial cleaning franchising is one such opportunity. As a young person, learning the ropes of running a commercial cleaning franchise is well within reach. And with hard work, dedication, and sound money management skills, turning that part-time job into a budding small business is not that far of a stretch. Many of Anago’s unit franchisee owners and operators started as employees. They learned and built something that could last. This is something to think about, especially given the gig economy many people choose: some run their unit franchise as a side-gig, and others make it a full-time job or even a family business.

The point? Commercial cleaning franchises have a low barrier to entry and come with turn-key solutions to help young entrepreneurs land service contracts, market their business, and help with the proper business reporting processes.

There’s nothing quite like getting up every day and working for yourself. Being the boss of your own business is a dream that many people entertain. Again, if you’re hardworking, dedicated to personal success, and like having freedom in your day, then perhaps getting involved as a commercial cleaning unit franchisee is your calling.

Sometimes, the summer job can reveal more about yourself than just hanging out during the summer months. Why not challenge yourself? Find a job different from others. Find something that pushes you to test different markets. That summer job could be more than just a gig. It could be a calling.