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Tips for Winter Cleaning

Winter is one of the most beloved seasons of the year. It is the host of the holiday season. Nature produces some of the best flavors (anyone else thinking pumpkin spice?) during the winter months, and many people associate cuddling up in front of a fire with a warm drink on a cold night. All of us at Anago Cleaning Systems know there is so much to love about winter (even if our home office is in sunny South Florida). Still, it is also essential to know some cleaning tips and tricks that can help those long, cold winter nights seem like an idyllic dream come true.

Let’s start outside. Winter means packing up your outdoor cushions, so they are not exposed to the winter elements. Mold, algae, and rotting can be the end of outdoor furniture cushions. This is a great time to give them a good thorough scrubbing, then spray them with a fabric protector. Next is to wrap them up and get them stored away somewhere (either garage or storage unit) until springtime arrives.

Now is an excellent time to get your carpets and rugs cleaned. Summer and fall were great, but let’s get the grime and dirt out of your flooring from these seasons. A deep clean will refresh your home and get it ready for a winter vibe (not to mention that holiday chaos that may take place at your home).

Here is one you don’t hear much about, the dryer vent. The biggest reason for cleaning out your dryer vent is to further safeguard your home against fire. More than 3,000 home fires started because of the lint build-up in the dryer vent. Winter brings heavier laundry loads (thicker clothes, blankets, etc.), and it is vital to keep the vents safe and clear. And hey, your clothes and linens will smell much better than before, which is a lovely holiday bonus!

The other area of focus during winter is your bed mattress. You are likely spending a little more time in bed during winter, whether sleeping a bit more, cuddling up to watch a good holiday movie (a nod to our Hallmark Channel watchers), or you have guests coming over for extended stays. You want your home mattresses clean from dust and bacteria in any scenario. As a rule, you should vacuum your mattress every 2-3 months and rotate it every 3-6 months. It might not be a bad idea to spray for bedbugs or other living, microscopic things during this time.

With the holidays typically being a busy time with family and friends, one of the best (and first) things you should do when winter arrives is clean your home. From the Anago Cleaning Systems family to yours, we all wish you a very happy holiday season and a very happy new year. Keep the new year clean, folks!