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Welcome Akough Family!

Luper and Brittanie Akough are an inspiration to the idea that hard work and dedication can pay off. They’ve proven this time and again not only for the success of themselves or their family, but for their commitment to their community, the city of Omaha, and the great state of Nebraska.

A first-generation Nigerian/American Nebraska native, Luper launched his entrepreneurial career in 2012 when he opened his first insurance agency in his early 20s. Starting with zero clients and a will to succeed, Luper grew his business into a profitable endeavor, allowing him to explore other revenue sources. When Luper launched into building a real estate portfolio and flipping houses, he found further success professionally and personally when he met Brittanie. The two would get married and build a family with two children while continuing to diversify into other business opportunities.

Most recently, Luper and Brittanie launched an Omaha-based logistics company facilitating last-mile delivery routes for Amazon. Wanting to add a more secure, recession-resistant business to their portfolio, they discovered Anago’s Master Franchise model. They were sold on its long-standing reputation, business model, and award-winning franchise support system. 

Sill in their early 30s and very involved in community development, Luper and Brittanie had earned the number two spot in the state for being the largest black-owned employer. Luper and Brittanie focus on ensuring that small business ownership opportunities are widely accessible for people in underserved communities. Their work with community programs dedicated to providing business opportunity access to Omaha’s black and brown community members is noted. Luper works tirelessly through his board set on the Midlands African Chamber, Greater Omaha Chamber, and previous roles with the Family Housing Advisory Services, Nebraska’s Children and Families Foundation, and more to continue strengthening his positive influence and impact on his local community – both city and statewide. 

The Anago Master Franchise expansion will provide access to entrepreneurial pathways that are reasonable and profitable for those willing to work hard for themselves.

Nebraska continues to be an economy built on diverse industries, with food processing, insurance, and telecommunications leading the way. When exploring a new business venture, Luper admits that commercial cleaning wasn’t on his radar. However, once he was introduced to the concept and researched how Anago performed through various economic climates, he was convinced to move forward. Anago’s Master and Unit level franchise models, particularly how they relate to each other, further interested Luper as it focused on providing young business-minded individuals access to small business ownership.

Read more about Luper and Brittanie’s Anago expansion in the Omaha World-Herald article.