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Your Office Cleaning Checklist

Your Office Cleaning Checklist:

When you operate an office, it’s important that it’s always clean, neat, and organized. A clean workplace makes everyone feel comfortable and more productive. Since the workplace means plenty of people constantly touching and using all different surfaces, it’s even more critical to make sure it’s as clean and disinfected as possible.

Regular office cleanings should just be part of doing business. If you’re handling your own office cleaning, this checklist can be a helpful tool to ensure how things should be cleaned and nothing is omitted.

Desks and Cubicles:

All those areas where people do their work, like desks, conference room tables, and cubicles, can certainly be dirty. Taking these measures can help ensure they’re clean and orderly.

  • Clean desks, shelves, and countertops
  • Clean computer screens and keyboards
  • Vacuum floors and under desks and tables
  • Clean the windows
  • Empty garbage cans and recycle paper/cardboard boxes
  • Disinfect those high-touch surfaces or hot spots: light switches, phones, printers/copiers, fax machines, door knobs, file cabinet handles, elevator button panels, lamps, and more.

Kitchens and Break Rooms:

The kitchen is used daily and probably by many people. Make sure it’s a clean, disinfected place where everyone can safely enjoy their lunch.

  • Dispose of food wrappers and expired food
  • Clean dishware and utensils
  • Clean out the refrigerator of old food and disinfect the shelves
  • Clean the coffee maker and handles/buttons
  • Clean and disinfect the surfaces where people eat and prepare food, like the table/counters
  • Clean up any spills and mop the floor (remember to post a “wet floor” sign to make employees aware)
  • Clean and disinfect appliances like the toaster, microwave, and refrigerator handles/knobs
  • Empty garbage cans and spray the inside with a disinfectant

Front Desk/Reception Areas:

If you have a front area of your office that welcomes guests, you want to make sure it helps you make a good first impression. To do that, make sure you take the following cleaning steps.

  • Clean off and organize a welcome desk.
  • Dust the desk, hard surfaces, waiting room tables, and more.
  • Empty trash and recycling bins.
  • Replenish water cups at the water cooler and make sure the water cooler has water for guests.
  • Organize books or magazines that are left for visitors to read.
  • Clean out coffee machine and filter if there is common coffee in the lobby.
  • Clean and dust windows, company signs, and other elements visiting guests see first.
  • Disinfect surfaces people touch, like lamps, phones, call buttons and bells, TV screens, and more.
  • Try to clean the carpet in the waiting and common areas of your office at least once every 3 to 4 months.


Every restroom needs regular cleaning and disinfection. It’s important to keep your office restrooms safe and sanitary.

  • Clean and disinfect the entire toilet
  • Clean and disinfect the entire sink and counter
  • Sweep the floor and mop with disinfectant (remember to post a “wet floor” sign to make employees aware)
  • Disinfect high-touch surfaces, like paper towel holders, light switches, and door knobs
  • Replace empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls
  • Clean the mirror with glass cleaner
  • Make sure all hand dryers are in working order
  • Empty garbage cans and spray the inside with a disinfectant

Outside Your Office:

The exterior of your office or building is the first impression your visitors see. You want that to be just as clean and orderly as the inside. In a way, it sends a message about how you conduct business.

Keep the outside of your office neat and clean with these steps:

  • Sweep debris away from the front door or sidewalk
  • Welcome mats should be cleaned
  • Clean glass doors and windows and make sure they’re streak-free
  • Empty any garbage cans
  • Your parking lot should also be clean from debris, like dried leaves or branches

You can also opt to leave the workload to professionals, like an Anago Franchise owner. With their expertise in everything commercial cleaning, they make sure your space is as clean and disinfected as possible so you don’t have to worry about it.

We’re also very proud that the Anago Corporate office is GBAC Star™ accredited – which is the highest standard in Biorisk cleaning protocols.