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What type of cleaning services do franchisees offer?

Anago franchisees offer all types of janitorial services and commercial cleaning for many industries – daily, weekly, and monthly. Anago franchisees are renowned for their superior results. They also offer one-time cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, hard-surface floor care, post-construction cleanup, and even after events. Additionally, they can provide facility supplies like restroom items, paper towels and holders, soap dispensers, breakroom supplies, and more – your one-stop shop!

What is “Commercial Cleaning”?

Commercial cleaning is a specialized cleaning process carried out by professional commercial cleaning companies. They are cleaning experts who utilize automated systems and specialized technologies to clean and disinfect commercial buildings, such as: -Offices -Medical and Healthcare Facilities -Schools and Educational Facilities -Retail -Auto Dealerships -And much more – review all the industries we serve! Anago Franchisees can accommodate your specific organization’s cleaning needs.

Is there a difference between janitorial services and commercial cleaning?

Janitorial services refers to small, everyday cleaning tasks. Commercial cleaning is used for larger commercial or special facilities that require advanced knowledge, training, and technology to effectively deep clean and disinfect environments for the health and safety of staff and visitors. For example, janitorial services may include vacuuming, sweeping floors, and dusting. Commercial cleaning services can also include deep carpet cleaning, all hard surface floor care (like tile, grout, marble, vinyl stripping), post-construction cleanup, window washing, and more.

What is included in office cleaning?

You always want your reception or lobby area to be clean and welcoming to your guests and employees. A clean and disinfected office makes everyone more productive and cuts down on sick leave. The following is a short sample of the tasks you can expect from your professional commercial office cleaning company. Empty garbage cans/replace garbage bags Vacuum carpets and entrance mats, dust and mop floors Clean entrance area glass doors Clean desks, shelves, and countertops, conference room tables, chairs Disinfect high-touch surfaces or hot spots: light switches, phones, printers/copiers, fax machines, door knobs, file cabinet handles, elevator button panels, lamps, and more For a complete detailed description of all cleaning tasks, feel free to contact us.

How often should an office be cleaned?

Your office should be cleaned anywhere from 1x/week to 7x/per week. It depends on the type of business, amount of traffic coming in and out, the number of employees, visitors, and the level of visual cleaning you require. A healthy office, however, requires a more frequent, deeper cleaning and disinfection.

Why is commercial cleaning important for your business?

It’s important to maintain a clean and disinfected environment at your place of business. Daily cleanings, usually done after business hours, not only show a clean appearance but also help eliminate germs and help ward off the spread of viruses. Even dust buildup can lead to respiratory hazards. A clean and healthy office also helps reduce sick leave occurrences.

How often should restrooms be cleaned?

Commonly used office areas, like restrooms, tend to become dirty quicker. Did you know that 75% of bathroom sink fixtures containing germs or viruses can spread within seconds of contact? Faucet handles harbor tons of bacteria, including Staph and E.coli, and can spread from the pipes to the sink and your hands. Your restroom sinks, counters, and toilets should be thoroughly cleaned every day. If your facility is large, like a shopping mall, venue, or car dealership with lots of traffic, you may require cleaning more often or day porter services between cleanings.

Can a commercial cleaning company save me money?

Enlisting commercial cleaning professionals can actually save you money in the following ways: Improved customer satisfaction: customers expect a clean, comfortable experience when visiting your office Increased productivity: you pay your employees to perform the job they’re hired to do, not clean Invest in your organization and protect your staff – hire a professional commercial cleaning service.

Are Anago Franchisees flexible with my facility cleaning schedule?

Your commercial cleaning services can be performed around your schedule. Most clients prefer their cleaning to be done during evening hours when the business is closed. Our “Third Pass” program means our franchisees take extra measures with nightly checklists to ensure your facility is properly secured upon completion. You’ll have peace of mind and a clean building.

What type of training and certification programs are provided to Anago Franchisees?

Anago franchisees undergo a rigorous initial orientation program. They’re also provided continuing education, and specialized training & certifications to ensure they’re highly skilled in commercial cleaning and disinfection services. With 30+ years behind Anago, you can be sure our franchisees are experts in commercial cleaning!

How does Anago make sure the cleaning technicians are performing according to quality standards?

Anago’s franchisees utilize a multi-point inspection and collaborative performance evaluation process requesting direct feedback from clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

What type of insurance coverage is provided to Anago Franchisees’ clients?

Anago provides General Liability, Bond, and Theft coverage, and Worker’s Compensation as required by each state’s regulations. Additional coverage is available upon request.

How much does it cost to buy an Anago Franchise?

At Anago, we understand all of our Franchisees have different needs and come from different means, which is why we offer a variety of investment opportunities. Find the one that best fits your needs. Additionally, you have the choice to pay for your franchise in full or have it financed.

Can I keep my day job with an Anago Franchise?

Absolutely! As an Anago franchisee, your schedule is completely up to you. You can operate full-time or run your business with part-time hours. You decide what schedule works best for your lifestyle.

How do I grow my business with an Anago Franchise?

At Anago, we have proven methods and strategies for obtaining more contracts, which we share with all our Franchisees. We can also work on your behalf to gain more business for you.

Do I need cleaning experience to own an Anago Franchise?

Anago offers a comprehensive orientation program to ensure you have the knowledge and tools you need to run a successful business. This includes sales tools, suggested cleaning methods, operating manuals, and more.

Do I need to buy a truck or rent an office?

With an Anago Franchise, where you conduct your business is up to you, meaning you don’t need to rent an office or buy a truck. You can even operate straight from the comfort of your home!

Why choose Anago to start a Franchise?

As a turnkey franchise, we have the strategies and resources to help you start a solid business. We take the guesswork out of owning your own franchise. We offer competitive rates and financing to help you start your new business.

What type of cleaning services would I offer?

Anago Franchisees offer monthly, weekly, and daily commercial cleaning services and are renowned for their superior results. They also offer one-time cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care, post-construction cleanup, and for event.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Simply fill out our contact form and one of our franchise consultants will reach out to you!

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