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Electrostatic Cleaning in Atlanta, GA

Utilize the latest in disinfection technology with electrostatic cleaning Throughout Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas

The quickest and most efficient method for disinfecting any property in Atlanta, GA, is through electrostatic cleaning, the pinnacle of disinfection technology. Electrostatic cleaning is a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing the sanitation industry and the electrostatic sprayers, included in the platinum tier of our Protection+ Disinfection® services, are the go-to solution for thorough and effective disinfection in various settings, from apartment buildings and retail establishments to homes and public spaces. To learn more about electrostatic cleaning and how our our Protection+ Disinfection® services are an invaluable asset to businesses across Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas, contact us today.

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Benefits Of Electrostatic Cleaning:

The Science Behind The Technology

Utilizing EPA-registered disinfectants, electrostatic cleaning is a remarkable scientific method that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria across all surfaces.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Most surfaces are naturally negatively charged.
  2. Electrostatic sprayers run disinfectant through one or more batteries, causing the disinfectant to become positively charged.
  3. When the disinfectant is sprayed onto a surface, each positively-charged disinfectant particle searches out a negatively-charged surface particle to pair with. This one-to-one pair causes positively-charged spray particles to be drawn to the nearest available negatively charged particle at 75 times the force of gravity.
  4. The surface experiences nearly instant, complete disinfectant coverage. In a matter of seconds, the EPA registered disinfectant kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

All of this is included in our Protection+ Disinfection® PLATINUM plan, offering the ultimate clean for your facility. Learn how Protection+ Disinfection® can keep your business safe, open and operational while protecting your employees and guests!

The Experts that Make It Happen

Anago Cleaning Systems of Atlanta, GA is committed to providing superior service and quality to businesses in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas. Committed to delivering top-notch services at competitive prices, Anago franchise owners surpass the typical cleaning crew. They undergo thorough training for every service they offer. For electrostatic cleaning and disinfecting services, each franchise owner must diligently study an extensive Electrostatic Spraying Guide and successfully pass a certification exam.

To learn more and achieve a new level of clean, contact your local Anago franchisee in Atlanta, GA online or by calling (770) 766-7039.

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Anago Protection+ Disinfection®

3 levels of disinfection services to provide the protection you need in your commercial space

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High-Touch Disinfection

Anago Franchisees prioritize the disinfection of all frequently touched areas.

Electrostatic Disinfection

Hospital-grade spray process used to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Comprehensive Detail

A thorough, in-depth cleaning of one specific area or your entire office.

Emergency Cleaning

Franchise owners are available 24/7 for any emergency clean-up needed.

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