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Local Cleaning Companies for Commercial Hard Surface Care in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Warren, OH & Beyond

Does your Cleveland business have hard flooring? Whether it’s luxury vinyl, marble, stone, porcelain or solid hardwood, Anago Franchisees can ensure your floors are well-maintained and remain beautiful. Our Franchisees are one of the best-rated local cleaning companies in Ohio, our franchisee’s professionals regularly oversee expensive flooring in commercial locations. Want to keep your tiles, planks, and slats resistant to stains and grime build-up? Are your floors looking a little worn-down or dull? Say goodbye to scum build-up and hello to brilliant shine with our Franchisees’ expert hard floor cleaners.


Why is it so essential to hire industry professionals to care for your hard floors? Mostly, it all comes down to experience, premium products, and regular upkeep. You see, when you enlist the services of individuals who don’t have training or experience with flooring, you normally end up with improper upkeep. What’s more, when premium, eco-friendly products aren’t used, you’re inviting a world of problems with your slats, tiles or planks. In the end, instead of a high-sheen, attractive entryway, lobby or office, you’re left with grungy, tacky hard surfacing. Before this happens to your locale, call in the Anago franchise experts – one of the best local cleaning companies in Ohio!

Want Efficient, Proper Cleaning? Call Anago!

If you’re looking for efficient, proper cleaning in Cleveland for your hard surfacing, then look no further than our Franchisees’ commercial cleaners. As one of Ohio’s most trusted local cleaning companies, you’re assured professional support with your floor care. Let our Anago Franchise Owners renew and restore your premises to its original glory. Once you see the difference Anago franchise cleaners can provide, you’ll be positively amazed! And, with gleaming tiles and polished hardwood, your business will appear truly spectacular to your customers.

Call Anago for your Hard Floor Care Needs

For all your hard floor care needs, call them today at Anago. With regularly scheduled upkeep by the experts, heavy foot traffic wouldn’t tarnish your quality installation.

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Anago Protection+ Disinfection®

3 levels of disinfection services to provide the protection you need in your commercial space

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We are Leaders in Franchised Commercial Cleaning Services

High-Touch Disinfection

Anago Franchisees prioritize the disinfection of all frequently touched areas.

Electrostatic Disinfection

Hospital-grade spray process used to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Comprehensive Detail

A thorough, in-depth cleaning of one specific area or your entire office.

Emergency Cleaning

Franchise owners are available 24/7 for any emergency clean-up needed.

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