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Build a Business and Your Future - with 30+ Years of Franchising Success!

Your Business Opportunity Awaits!


Build a business and your future.

Our franchisees are cleaning professionals who want to create financial freedom for themselves and their families. They want to maximize their earning potential and be in business for themselves – with the knowledge, proven systems, and outstanding support provided by the Anago Franchise network. With owning an Anago franchise, you also create a pathway to those looking to supplement their income by cleaning commercial facilities, full or part-time. You’re building ties within your community while also helping people earn money.

Unparalleled Support

When you start an Anago franchise, you’re not alone. You have the backing of 30+ years of solid franchising success.

Some of the franchisee benefits include:


Anago Regional Offices offer financing programs so that you have the support you need to start your business. This includes financing the initial franchise fee as well as the acquisition of additional quality accounts.


No experience is necessary to start your cleaning business with Anago! Our comprehensive orientation program provides you with all the strategies and techniques you need to efficiently clean your clients’ facilities – all at no additional cost to you.

Guaranteed Business

When you start your Anago Franchise, you’re guaranteed initial contracts so you don’t have to worry about finding new clients to clean right away.


The regional office can provide you with the insurance and bonding protection you need for yourself and your employees to keep your franchise investment safe. Insurance options and availability vary by market.

Equipment & Cleaning Supplies

Just about everything you need to get started with your cleaning business is incorporated into your franchise fee, including an optional equipment and supplies package. With the regional office’s easy credit program, equipment and chemicals can be purchased without having to pay upfront.


The regional office handles all of the billing and collections for your accounts, which lets you focus on growing your business.

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Sales and Marketing

To help you promote your franchise effectively, your Anago regional office provides your franchise with initial business cards, brochures, branded apparel, and other marketing tools and materials to help your business grow.

Your business and your future start here.

Contact Anago at 614-902-4859 to learn more about our commercial cleaning franchise opportunity.

Master Franchisee is a white-collar business executive. He or she provides sales, marketing, invoicing and collections functions for his or her Unit Franchisees, while mentoring and guiding them as they grow their individual businesses.

Unit Franchisee purchases a franchise from the Master Franchisee. He or she focuses on servicing commercial cleaning accounts, while relying on the Master Franchisee to handle the majority of the paperwork that comes along with operating a business.

Cleaning Contracts are assigned to the Unit Franchisee by the Master Franchisee, who collects fees for the services provided to the Unit Franchise’s cleaning business, including sourcing those clients; handling invoicing and collections; and providing insurance.

An Established System for Future Franchises

Anago Cleaning Systems relies on the cleaning and franchise systems that have been developed by our successful professionals. These systems have led to our franchise being named as the fifth fastest growing franchise according to Entrepreneur Magazine. We are among the leaders in the cleaning service industry and can provide you with the necessary information and resources to run your business. There is a wide range of commercial buildings and businesses that are in need of cleaning services such as medical facilities, schools, car dealerships, churches, office buildings, restaurants, movie theaters, and many others.

The Benefits of a Unit Franchise Opportunity

Do you currently have a stable job you love, but are looking to start a low-cost, home-based business that allows you to earn extra income? Look no further than our unit franchise opportunity. By becoming one of Anago’s franchisees, you can own your own business in a recession-proof industry with all the support and tools you need to succeed. Additionally, our multiple packages offer you the opportunity to own a single unit franchise or to grow and expand. We work with your lifestyle, so you can choose whether you want to be a full-time or part-time franchisee.

You Have Questions &
We Have Answers!

Why choose an Anago commercial cleaning franchise?

As a turnkey commercial cleaning franchise, we have the strategies and resources to help you start a solid business. We take the guesswork out of owning your own franchise. We also offer competitive rates to help you start your new business

How much does a commercial cleaning franchise cost?

At Anago, we understand that every franchisee has different needs and different means, which is why we offer a variety of investment opportunities. You’ll find the one that best suits you.

What kind of support does Anago provide franchisees?

The Anago Regional Office provides all the support and resources you require to help your commercial cleaning business be as successful as possible. Whether it’s marketing and sales support, client sales expertise, billing & collections, branded apparel, or discounted costs for cleaning supplies – we make sure you have everything you need.

How do I start a successful commercial cleaning business?

There are several aspects to consider when starting a cleaning business on your own. Below are a few steps to consider:

– Determine your business model
– Get a website
– Market your business and manage business operations (sales and marketing, branded uniforms, etc.) – Get insurance and bonding
– Buy cleaning equipment and supplies
– Get cleaning clients – manage billing and collections, financing
– And that’s before you even clean your first client!

With Anago, the burden of the elements above are taken off your plate and handled by the Regional Office! With a commercial cleaning franchise, like Anago, you’re not alone. You have the backing and support of the Anago brand without all that extra stress.

Is commercial cleaning difficult?

Like any business, it can be demanding, but with Anago’s proven system, you can expand your commercial cleaning client list and grow your business to whatever size you want. As part of a franchise, you have the Regional Office’s sales and marketing team working on your behalf. Instead of hiring a salesperson, Anago provides on-demand sales. No need for all the overhead – no office, no company vehicle – it’s a turnkey business.

Can I finance my commercial cleaning business?

Absolutely – you may finance your commercial cleaning franchise or pay upfront. You have options!

Do I need experience to own a commercial cleaning franchise?

Anago provides a comprehensive orientation to ensure you have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to manage a successful business. Along with sales & marketing tools, you’ll benefit from state-of-the-art commercial cleaning methods, business operating manuals, and more.

Can I keep my day job with an Anago Franchise?

Certainly! As an Anago franchisee, your schedule is completely up to you. You can operate your business full or part-time. You decide what schedule works best for you and your lifestyle. It’s no wonder Anago was named 9th Top Home-Based Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine!

How profitable is a commercial cleaning franchise?

An Anago commercial cleaning franchise can be quite lucrative. Some of our franchisees started small, but with the proper support, grew to the point where they quit their day job and now run their business full-time.

How do I grow my business with an Anago Franchise?

At Anago, we have proven methods and strategies for obtaining more contracts, which we share with all our Franchisees. We can also work on your behalf to gain more business for you.

How do I get clients for my commercial cleaning business?

At Anago, we’ve developed proven methods and strategies for obtaining more commercial cleaning client contracts that we share with our franchisees. The Regional Office can also work on your behalf to acquire even more business for you.

What type of training and certification programs are provided to Anago franchisees?

Anago franchisees undergo a rigorous initial orientation program. They’re also provided continuing education, and specialized training & certifications to ensure they’re highly skilled in commercial cleaning and disinfection services.

Do I need to buy a truck or rent an office?

With an Anago franchise, where you conduct your business is up to you – you don’t need to rent an office or buy a truck. You can even operate straight from the comfort of your home!

What type of services would my commercial cleaning business offer?

Anago franchisees offer daily, weekly, and monthly commercial cleaning services and are renowned for their superior results. They also offer one-time cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care, post-construction cleanup, and even after events.

How do I get started?

Starting your business is easy! Simply complete our contact form and one of our franchise consultants will reach out to you!

Own a Successful Business


As an Anago Franchise Owner, you're guaranteed a certain amount of client contracts so you can hit the ground running. While you focus on your clients, your Regional Office will focus on helping you grow. From training to mentorship – and of course help bringing in additional contracts – your relationship with your Regional Office will be built around your growth and success.