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Anago: The Story Behind the Name

Our Name Is Representative Of Who We Are As A Company

When David Povlitz started this company back in 1989, he had complete clarity of mind regarding his mission. Though the end goal was to ensure commercial buildings stayed consistently clean and disinfected, Povlitz’ driving mission was to help others achieve financial freedom and security by becoming business owners themselves.

According to Povlitz, it’s one thing to work a steady job, but it’s something else entirely to be your own boss and work for yourself. So, he built this company in a three-tiered franchise structure, enabling executive-level experts to build their own empires, and supporting everyday men and women in becoming small business owners within the commercial cleaning industry.

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The Perfect Name

Povlitz spent weeks trying to decide what to name his company. He wanted something strong and unique—something truly meaningful. Soon enough, he came across “anagogue.”

The name Anago is derived from the Greek-Latin term “anagogue,” meaning to guide or uplift. It was a perfect fit. This was the exact mission that Povlitz was so passionate about—guiding and uplifting the lives of all Anago Franchise Owners, allowing them to achieve a level of success that would not just meet their own financial needs, but also benefit their families for generations to come.

Hear from Anago Founder David Povlitz himself on how he came to find the Anago name, and everything it represents!

Putting Words Into Practice

With the Anago name secured, Povlitz got to work writing out the company values that he and his employees would spend the next 3+ decades working hard to honor. In the end, he identified 7 unifying principles that clearly tie back to the Anago mission, standing above all else within the company culture:

  1. Believe in People
  2. Have Personal and Professional Integrity
  3. Give People the Opportunity for Advancement
  4. Promote Training and Education
  5. Reserve the Right to Make Mistakes
  6. Provide a Sense of Achievement and Enjoyment
  7. Manage With Goals

Even now, Anago employees and Franchise Owners—more commonly referred to as the Anago family—live up to these principles, helping each other grow and prosper. And as we continually guide and uplift one another, the Anago brand continues to grow and succeed as well.

Inspired Service for Clients

This franchise structure all but ensures excellent service to all Anago Cleaning Systems clients. Everyone knows, when you own something yourself, you take better care of it. So imagine how well our Franchise Owners take care of their businesses and therefore their clients’ businesses! They know that their punctuality, hard work, and attention to detail are direct drivers toward their clients’ satisfaction. With tools and guidance from their regional office, Anago Franchisees have everything they need to provide excellent service to their commercial cleaning clients.

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