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The Anago Franchise Model

Our franchise business model provides a framework of opportunities benefiting both our Master and Unit Franchisees, as well as our clients. It is a true testament to what working toward a mutual goal can accomplish.


Anago Master Franchisees are business executives who…

Master Franchisees make money by selling Unit Franchises, as well as by collecting royalties on all cleaning contracts they’ve sold that their Unit Franchisees service.


Anago Unit Franchisees are entrepreneurial individuals who…

Unit Franchisees make money by operating a cleaning business emphasizing their entrepreneurial drive while servicing clients provided by the Master, as well as leveraging Anago’s volume discounts, proven methods and systems.

*See Item 19 of our FDD for details.

Disrupting the Commercial Cleaning Industry
with Radical Transparency and Preventive Analytics

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Tech-driven Solutions

Our data-driven approach enables us to monitor, optimize, and tailor cleaning processes and methods to the unique needs of each facility for worry-free service

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Smart Cleaning

Our signature 10-step disinfection process guarantees a workspace free from harmful viruses and bacteria

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30+ Years of Experience

An award-winning multi-tiered model with over 30 years of industry expertise and trusted by over 125,000 clients

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2-Hour Response

Streamlined communication with your service provider through our proprietary application, CleanCom®, featuring a built-in translator for real-time interaction