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Commercial Floor Care Services

Commercial floor care services that don’t just look clean, but feel clean

When it comes to the presentation and the first impression of your business, proper commercial floor care is important. A spotless, well-shined floor creates an immediate impression that your company is professional and cares about adhering to a higher quality standard.

Our franchisees are backed by over 30 years of experience in maintaining nearly every type of floor covering, whether it is Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), Marble, Wood, or Terrazo. They have developed a level of expertise that is simply unmatched in the cleaning industry. Partnering with our network of independent business owners can make a significant difference in how customers perceive your business.

Anago franchisees’ commercial floor care services feature outstanding workmanship, high-productivity equipment, and professional-grade, environmentally friendly products. When executing a cleaning, maintenance, or restoration of your floors, they guarantee the best, cleanest, and safest results.

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Proven Processes

  1. First, our franchise owners will assess your facility and perform a detailed analysis of your commercial or industrial flooring to give you a detailed breakdown of pricing and the proper processes for your specific type of floor.
  2. Next, they’ll coordinate the removal of all items from the floor and ensure we shield and protect surrounding areas.
  3. Finally, they’ll clean, polish, or restore your flooring using the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment, chemicals, and processes available.

A commercial floor maintenance plan with an Anago franchisee provides many benefits:

Our highly skilled franchisees are proficient in all varieties of flooring and can make yours shine once again!

General Commercial Floor Care

As a high-maintenance material, these floors need to be cleaned and mopped regularly. They also need to be periodically machine scrubbed and burnished with additional coats of finish added. Eventually, the floor will require stripping and refinishing to restore its appearance.

Anago franchisees use the latest methods and technologies, like machine scrubbing and acid washing, to bring back the luster to that dull appearance and dirty grout.

Specialized cleaning processes and commercial-grade products are used to buff out scuffs and scratches and ensure durability and shine to extend the time until sanding and refinishing become necessary.

Linoleum is more sensitive than vinyl and requires the use of pH-neutral cleaners. Because it has a factory-applied seal and finish, using the wrong chemistry can strip the flooring and quickly degrade its appearance.

Daily cleaning is best and helps prevent rapid deterioration. It’s important to use the right materials for proper cleaning, especially for stains resulting from substances seeping into the stone. Once your stone surface appearance degrades from wear, Anago franchisees provide polishing services and even full restoration with diamond pad grinding and honing to restore the floor to like new condition. Your floors will shine like they are brand new!

As one of the most popular types of commercial floor, concrete requires daily mopping along with regular deep cleaning to bring it back to life. The poured flooring is initially honed after installation and eventually will require restoration and re-honing to restore the original appearance.

Carpet Care

Do you have carpets? No worries, Anago franchisees’ commercial flooring services also include your carpeting, floor mats, and rugs. We’ll apply state-of-the-art carpet cleaning processes so your facility’s carpets will look like new.

Consistent and regular vacuuming with a high-quality commercial vacuum removes soil and keeps it from getting ground into the deep pile and leaves the carpet looking clean and refreshed.

The best way to remove small spots on commercial carpets is to pre-treat the spot before the deep cleaning begins so that the product has time to penetrate and break up the stain. Franchise Owners utilize eco-friendly sprays to spot clean manually, ensuring that even decade-old stains are gone for good.

This process is the most aggressive for soil removal and carpet restoration. However, it should be limited to a few times a year to avoid damage to the carpet backing and the potential of mold growth in the backing and padding. Some people incorrectly think that the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning is done with steam. The machine actually applies hot water and detergent deep into the carpet pile which is immediately vacuumed out along with soils and stains.

Drying time is long for this process and typically takes 12-24 hours before foot traffic can resume. Our franchise owner’s team will ensure the area is restricted to keep foot traffic away from it until it’s completely dry.

Besides vacuuming regularly, spot cleaning, and hot water extraction, carpets also need interim maintenance to prolong the appearance and life of the carpet.

One of the best processes for interim cleaning is periodic low-moisture Encapsulation cleaning, which uses unique crystallizing polymers combined with effective detergent components to emulsify dry and oily embedded soils and then bind them with the soil particles so that when the chemistry dries in a brittle, crystalline structure (usually in 30 minutes), it’s easily removed from the carpet fiber with routine vacuuming. It won’t cause re-soiling and will extend the time between aggressive hot water extractions.

Anago franchisees keep your vinyl, composite, ceramic tile, marble, stone, concrete, or carpeted floors looking their best – request a free quote today or call (800) 213-5857 to learn more about their commercial floor care services.

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