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Why Choose Anago for Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Our Network is Your Choice for Cleaning and Janitorial Services

With over 30 years of experience as a leader in the commercial cleaning franchising industry, Anago Franchisees have faced the majority of challenges. No matter if you’re a hotel looking for quality common area cleaning or a medical facility needing trustworthy cleaning and janitorial services, Anago is the right choice for you.

Serving industries such as healthcare, education, government, hospitality, property management, manufacturing, and everything in between, Anago Franchisees’ experience familiarizes them with compliance and security-related issues, and helps them develop and utilize the most effective and advanced methods for cleaning your business.

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Always Growing, Always Improving

At every level, Anago Franchisees provide a clean you can see and a safety you can sense. Five strong pillars support our continued growth and success with cleaning and janitorial services:


30 years of experience goes into every Anago cleaning. With standards and practices imitated across the industry, Anago Franchisees set the bar. Our experience extends to our network of Franchise Owners, each trained and certified in proper cleaning services and our signature 10-step disinfection process that meets all EPA and CDC standards.


We know that disinfecting is in the details. That’s why we seek out the latest technologies to make your environment cleaner, safer, and healthier. Our Franchisees’ disinfectants are approved by the EPA and CDC, and when combined with EPA-registered chemicals to kill COVID-19, create the ultimate weapon against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and disease-causing organisms—while leaving the lightest ecological footprint possible.


Now is the time to stay focused on your business—and leave the cleaning to the professionals. Anago is known for providing a legendary service advantage. We listen to your needs, find the plan that works for you, and our Franchisees execute it with obsessive attention to detail.


We are proud to offer honest, competitive pricing with solutions for every cleaning need, on every schedule, to fit every budget. We are confident we can create a cleaning and disinfection solution that meets your needs at a price that works for you.


Service meets technology in our proprietary CleanCom® system, which enables your franchisee to immediately correct any concerns you have about the services you received. Simply send a picture with a note of what isn’t right, and receive a response within 2 hours. Added reassurance that your facility is clean and safe for your employees and guests.

Three Tiers of Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Anago Franchisees offer customizable cleaning and janitorial services that will perfectly fit the needs and budget of your property. Protection+ Disinfection® is the only certified disinfection approach in the market, combining experience, technology, and value, and backed by a total satisfaction guarantee. When you choose Protection+ for your employees or customers, you show you care for their health and well-being. You exhibit concern for the safety of those in your facility, and you take extra steps to put minds at ease. Now is the time for a clean start, and this 10-step disinfection process meets all EPA and CDC standards.

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Anago Protection+ Disinfection®

3 levels of disinfection services to provide the protection you need in your commercial space

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Disrupting the Commercial Cleaning Industry
with Radical Transparency and Preventive Analytics


Tech-driven Solutions

Our data-driven approach enables us to monitor, optimize, and tailor cleaning processes and methods to the unique needs of each facility for worry-free service


Smart Cleaning

Our signature 10-step disinfection process guarantees a workspace free from harmful viruses and bacteria


30+ Years of Experience

An award-winning multi-tiered model with over 30 years of industry expertise and trusted by over 125,000 clients


2-Hour Response

Streamlined communication with your service provider through our proprietary application, CleanCom®, featuring a built-in translator for real-time interaction

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