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Anago Honors May’s National Small Business Celebration

Anago Cleaning Systems was built on the dream of small business ownership. From its inception, Anago created a world-class system of small business entrepreneurism for people of all backgrounds. According to the Small Business Association (SBA), more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create nearly two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year. As National Small Business Week is celebrated this May, we want to highlight some of our most recent small business successes along with the new opportunities emerging in cities across this great nation.

This month, Anago celebrates the opening of two Master Franchise territories that are poised to create unlimited entrepreneurial opportunities for small business ownership: San Antonio, Texas and Southwest Connecticut. Both of these territories are primed for growth in both population and commerce. Many new businesses include brick and mortar locations that will require professional commercial cleaning services.

Anago and its new Master Franchise partners are dedicated to serving their respective communities. Anago values are built on the idea that anybody who works hard and is dedicated to service can become an Anago Unit Franchisee. What makes Anago special is that they have laid the groundwork for small business ownership. Furthermore, Anago relies on decades of professional experience to make small business ownership as smooth as possible. This includes programs in financing, guaranteed business, sales and marketing, and a full suite of professional “behind-the-scenes” services.

To demonstrate this point, Erik Buttlar, Anago San Antonio, said, “Anago Unit Franchise opportunities are extremely affordable, and the Anago model is designed to help franchisees every step of the way toward business growth and development.”

With over 45 Master Franchisees and over 1,700 Unit Franchisees, Anago prides itself in offering among the best commercial cleaning franchising opportunities in the industry today. The company’s proven system for both Master and Unit Franchising allows people of all business levels to realize their dream of small business ownership.

It’s encouraging to see that small business ownership is recognized and celebrated in May, but all of us at Anago celebrate small business ownership each and every day of the year. At Anago, our best days are filled with watching people realize and exceed their potential for small business ownership. Seeing that glimmering of pride and success light up in the eyes of new franchise partners is something we never grow tired of and is the reason we celebrate each and every day.