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Anago is proud to earn a spot on FBR’s Top 100 Culture Award list!


Author: Darlene Bernd

Franchise culture is a big deal

All companies have a distinct culture. And a positive corporate culture is much more important than you might think. It fosters higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, and motivation. When individuals feel connected to the organization and its values, they’re more likely to be committed to their work, perform better, and stay with the organization longer.

Additionally, a healthy culture encourages collaboration, open communication, and trust. When people feel comfortable sharing ideas and soliciting feedback, it leads to improved productivity, creativity, and overall performance. It contributes to a strong brand reputation and image, attracting both customers and employees.

Anago’s core values are based on our people, so we want to help support them with tuition reimbursement, professional training opportunities, daycare assistance, and more. Our corporate culture is based on our 7 Unifying Principles:

  1. Believe in People
  2. Have Personal and Professional Integrity
  3. Give People the Opportunity for Advancement
  4. Promote Training and Education
  5. Reserve the Right to Make Mistakes
  6. Promote a Sense of Achievement and Enjoyment
  7. Manage with Goals

Our principles and employee engagement trickle down to the excellent support and dedication every employee provides our franchisees.

Anago’s franchisee culture

So how do you measure the quality of a franchise company’s culture? Franchise Business Review surveyed over 36,000 franchise owners across more than 360 leading franchises to determine which franchisors prioritize their company culture. Specifically, they measured 17 unique areas that contribute to a strong company culture including leadership, core values, franchisee community, and engagement.

The companies on the FBR Culture100 List outrank other brands by 10% – 50% across these key areas. On a 100-point satisfaction scale, every franchise on our 2023 Culture 100 List has an FBR Culture Score of 80+. This puts them in the top quartile of all franchises surveyed.

  • 93% of franchisees enjoy being part of their franchise organization
  • 92% say that they respect their franchisor
  • 9 out of 10 franchise owners would recommend their franchise company to others

That’s what Anago is about: Our Franchisees. Their Success.®

We’re proud to be recognized among the Top 100 for franchise culture!