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Anago of Houston Owner’s Interview with CMM

Anago of Houston owner, Korli Kamara, discusses with Cleaning & Maintenance Management the changing employment landscape, how to hire for a mobile-based business, upskilling and reskilling, and prioritizing employee well-being. Read on for Korli’s valuable insights!

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Hear more about the ultra-high revenue and better quality of life with an Anago Master Franchise

Hear more about Anago’s Master Franchise model and the importance of delivering our franchisees top-notch support.

As a people-driven business, we ensure Anago regions thrive, shining a spotlight on the crucial customer experience. Our success mantra? Driven, self-motivated, and laser-focused owners.

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IFA’s Featured Franchisees – Luper & Brittanie Akough

Anago Systems’ performance during previous economic times was a leading factor when Luper and Brittanie Akough were looking for their next business venture. Both serial entrepreneurs with business interests in insurance, real estate, and final mile logistics. Luper […]

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Celebrating National Business Women’s Day, Anago Recognizes Dru Dulany, Anago of Hampton Roads

Today is National Business Women’s Day! This is a perfect time to honor the accomplishments of businesswomen across this great nation. At Anago, we want to take a moment to honor the contributions, drive, passion, and determination of […]

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Anago Cleaning Systems Welcomes New Master Franchise in Nebraska

The State’s Second Largest Black-owned Employer Takes the Helm, Creating Pathways to Small Business Ownership Anago Cleaning Systems announced its newest franchise opening in the great state of Nebraska. The husband-and-wife team, Luper and Brittanie Akough, will lead the […]

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Anago Cleaning Systems Welcomes New Master Franchise in SW Connecticut

FEATURED ON CLEANLINK Anago Cleaning Systems, an industry-leading commercial cleaning franchise with over 1,700 Regional and Unit Franchises throughout the U.S. and Canada, announced its newest Franchise Owners in Southwest Connecticut, including New Haven and Fairfield counties. Ted […]

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A Strive to Succeed Celebrating Women’s History Month, Anago Recognizes Dru Dulaney, Anago of Hampton Roads

Women’s History Month is an annual celebration of achievements and contributions by women. Our nation’s history is filled with often over-looked contributions of women in our culture, society and in industries across the board. Women hold a central […]

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Dante and Alex Caravaggio: A Father & Son Team

Anago Cleaning Systems has just gained a couple of new Master Franchise Owners in Denver, Colorado- Dante and Alex Caravaggio! Originally from Canada, the father-and-son duo are looking forward to opening their Anago Master Franchise together in the […]

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Korli Kamara Seizes Opportunity at the Corner of Meritocracy and Respect

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. At Anago, we are proud of all our Franchise Owners and staff and are honored […]

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