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Celebrating Small Business Saturday

The holiday logjam is nearly upon us with last month’s quiet kick-off during Halloween. From there, we move through Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and the winter solstice and end with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. This family-center, religious, non-denominational, and celebratory observance keeps much of our focus on family and friends.

That said, there are several “mini-observances” to indulge in the spirit of shopping and holiday gift buying. The day after Thanksgiving, which we know is the last Thursday of November, is known as Black Friday. This is the day retail outlets cut prices like they were carving up the turkey leftovers for family to take home. Consumers wait outside stores in the morning, even camping overnight, hoping to buy the latest TVs, tech devices, and more. I bet you never realized the teams of people there before and after the doors close to clean, sanitize and get ready for the next day of business. Yes, Anago Franchisees are more than likely involved in that process – the unsung heroes that keep businesses clean, fresh, and ready to welcome customers.

But that isn’t the day we want to focus on, nor is it Cyber Monday or Giving Tuesday that follow Thanksgiving. We want to focus on the day after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is an annual event that encourages consumers to shop locally in-person and online at small businesses. This event represents a significant opportunity to increase sales for small businesses during the holiday shopping season. It’s not just the small retail businesses but recognition and celebration for every small business owner, no matter the type of business they own and operate. Small businesses create local jobs and pay local taxes, which keeps money circulating within communities. And the money you spend on Small Business Saturday makes a difference beyond retailers’ doors.

Yes, small businesses help small businesses. Commercial cleaning is a perfect example. It also supports small business B2B operators. Many local business owners, like Anago Unit Franchisees in the community, operate a business that helps other businesses stay clean and ready for customers. We must also recognize these community entrepreneurs for the services they provide daily.

From all of us at Anago and to all our Master Franchise and Unit Franchise owners, we celebrate you this coming holiday season with special congratulations during Small Business Saturday!