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Got a Tax Return? Why Not Open a Small Business?


Tax season is an exciting time for people considering launching a small business. Why? Because a tax return can be a great source of seed money to fulfill the dream of small business ownership. And for those looking for a recession-resistant, low-barrier-to-entry concept, starting an Anago franchise in your city might be the opportunity you’re looking for.

There are various benefits to small business ownership that many people find attractive. Several small business owners point to a reward system. Now, that can mean different things to different people, and it’s based on your purpose and intent. Is it the challenge or the idea of being your own boss?

Some claim taking control of their financial destiny led them to small business ownership, while others point to flexible hours and a strong work/life/family balance. For others with a desire for entrepreneurialism, but a feeling of inadequacy of business acumen to find success, turn to franchise systems with an industry that fits their desire, level of experience or work history, or something they’re passionate about.

An Anago Franchise just might fit the bill!

Benefits of Anago’s Unit Franchise-level ownership opportunities are attractive to first-time entrepreneurs interested in taking control of their financial present and future, and Anago can help. Owning an Anago franchise also creates a pathway for those looking to supplement their income by cleaning commercial facilities, full or part-time. You can run your business literally on the go without the burden and expense of an office.

When you start an Anago franchise, you’re not alone. You have the backing of 30+ years of solid franchising success. Here’s how we help:

Financing – Anago Master offices offer financing programs so that you have the support you need to start your business. This includes financing the initial franchise fee as well as the acquisition of quality client accounts.

Orientation – No experience is necessary to start your cleaning business with Anago! Our comprehensive orientation program provides all the strategies and techniques you need to clean your clients’ facilities efficiently – all at no additional cost.

Guaranteed Business – When you start your Anago Franchise, you’re guaranteed initial contracts, so you don’t have to worry about finding new clients to clean immediately.

Insurance – The regional office can provide you with the insurance and bonding protection you need for yourself and your employees to keep your franchise investment safe. Insurance options and availability vary by market.

Equipment & Cleaning Supplies – Everything you need to start your commercial cleaning business is incorporated into your franchise fee, including an optional equipment and supplies package. Anago’s easy credit program allows you to purchase equipment and chemicals without paying upfront.

Support – The regional office handles all the billing and collections for your accounts, which lets you focus on growing your business.

Sales and Marketing – To help you promote your franchise effectively, your Anago regional office provides your franchise with initial business cards, brochures, branded apparel, and other marketing tools and materials to help your business grow.

Tax time is an excellent opportunity to use your tax return to start a small business. Not only will you be your own boss, but you’ll get plenty of support to make this dream a reality. So, once you have that tax refund, call us, and let’s help you put that money to work, and invest in YOU.

Build a business and your future – connect with us to learn more!