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How Businesses Can Recognize National Clean Air Month – All Year Long


National Clean Air Month is a yearly observance held throughout May to raise awareness about the importance of clean air and encourage people to combat air pollution. This initiative began in the United States in 1972 to promote environmental protection and conservation. Since then, National Clean Air Month has become an international event that brings individuals, organizations, and businesses together to work towards cleaner air for all.

At Anago, cleaning is our business! And we’re focused on the cleanliness of your officemedical facilityschool, or retail store and the air quality. Poor air quality can have significant health impacts and damage the environment, making it crucial for businesses to participate in this effort.

Businesses can do much to raise awareness about the importance of clean air and promote environmentally friendly practices. One idea is encouraging employees to carpool, bike, or walk to work. Providing incentives such as preferred parking spots or wellness program points can motivate employees to participate in these activities. Another idea is to promote telecommuting or flexible work schedules, which can reduce the number of vehicles on the roads and decrease emissions.

Businesses can also organize a company-wide clean-up day where employees pick up litter and debris in the surrounding area. Companies can also invest in air-purifying plants for their offices. Consider organizing a day to plant trees outside the office, at a nearby park, or at employees’ homes. Trees remove air pollution by the interception of matter on plant surfaces and by absorbing gaseous pollutants through leaf stomata. Plus, digging in the dirt and planting a tree is just fun!

Another idea is to switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products. This benefits the environment and promotes a healthier workplace for employees. Anago’s Green Cleaning Initiative is popular with clients and is designed to reduce the health and environmental concerns about the cleaning services in your building.

Our franchisees provide a healthier, more productive workplace with less environmental impact. They use eco-friendly products and practices to reduce your ecological footprint, like:

  • non-toxic cleaning agents
  • microfiber flat-head mops to reduce chemical and water consumption
  • microfiber cloths to eliminate waste while removing up to 99% of dirt and germs.
  • HEPA/ULPA filtration has proven to leave 3X fewer particles in the air and capture microscopic dust and allergens
  • avoid aerosol use

We take cleaning seriously and are at the forefront of offering clients green products. To this end, we’re members of the U.S. and Canada Green Building Councils, organizations that actively promote sustainability. The USGBC and CaGBC communities are changing how buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated, and we’re proud to offer our guidance in green cleaning as a leader in the commercial cleaning industry.

We encourage you to do whatever you can to keep our environment clean and healthy for generations.