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Martin Luther King Jr. and His Dream of Equal Opportunity

Many people, if not all, are familiar with Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. As powerful and poignant as it was, the speech he delivered two years earlier, to the Fourth Constitutional Convention of the AFL-CIO in December 1961, was equally eloquent with a series of strong messages. King connects the Civil Rights movement with the labor movement in this speech, exploring common goals and enemies.

There may not be an exact connection between King’s speech and this blog. Still, one idea stood out to us: equality of opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, or any of the other characteristics that may define us. The point (at least to this writer) is that we must all have the same opportunities to explore or chase based on our interests, rewarded by our merits – not our skin color or other.

This is what Anago Cleaning Systems offers people, regardless of race or any barrier other than the will to work and the will and resources to invest in themselves. Dreams are made true through hard work, planning, dedication to one’s vision, and self-determination – that is said of all dreams (other than winning the lottery).

For people wanting to own and operate a business, be their own boss, and work for themselves, franchising might be an exciting avenue to explore, and commercial cleaning is desirable for many reasons. Two are that Anago has recently placed as a Top Recession-Proof and a Top Minority Owned franchise. The main factors leading to these two industry-recognized accolades are the brand’s strong franchise system support, low barrier to entry, fulfilling a dream of small business ownership, and the ability to see a near-immediate return on investment. We admire all our franchisees for continuing to shine, for being great examples of hard work and dedication to the community, and for opening pathways for first-time entrepreneurs to savor the taste of small business ownership.

As we honor the man and the message of Martin Luther King Jr, we also recognize the continued work and growth toward King’s vision of diversity and equality for the American Dream and the American Democracy to be realized.