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New Year, New Business Opportunities

We’re close to ending the first month of 2023, and it already feels like business as usual. The haze of celebrations is clearing, and many people have moved on from promised resolutions that have since been broken. There’s an undeniable magic in the passage of time from one year to the next, and it almost feels like the beginning of a second chance, or rather, a new opportunity.

New opportunities are a blessing and meant to be seized with enthusiasm, and this might be the year, especially for entrepreneurism. With so many global events dominating the headlines and the constant threat of a recession, many people wonder if opening a new business today is a good idea. Many experts believe yes! A recession can be an excellent time to start a business because problems within existing businesses need to be solved. Additionally, due to the elasticity of demand, industries not impacted by recession usually include essential services, like healthcare, senior services, grocery stores, maintenance (plumbing and electrical), and commercial cleaning.

Last year, Anago Cleaning Systems was proud to be listed among the Top 100 Recession-Proof Franchises to buy. And we have the numbers to prove it. In 2021, during the height of the COVID pandemic, Anago reported 20% system-wide growth with continued growth in new and existing territories. For example, several areas, including Philadelphia and Austin, exceeded millions in revenue growth and unit franchisee operations. Going back even further, Anago was recognized again by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, coming in at #36. This is an accolade that Anago has enjoyed for the past several years and is continually renowned in other industry awards and recognition rankings.

If you’re considering starting a business this year, a new way of thinking is the best place to start. Trade, commerce, and consumer patterns change based on national and global events. Still, many industries remain strong despite the ebb and flow of global economic conditions. While creating a retail business or specialty store might be a good idea, there is a greater risk. The approach that has resulted in success is to identify a passion and match that to what consumers need today. Figure out what is essential. What does the community need? What will remain necessary in economic downturns or other global health events? These questions will undoubtedly lead you to commercial cleaning franchising.

Commercial cleaning franchise opportunities, like Anago Cleaning Systems, are proven and an ideal investment for first-time entrepreneurs (and excellent for seasoned entrepreneurs). Anago’s franchise system is tested, fine-tuned, vetted, and turn-key for entrepreneurs looking for an additional revenue stream or to expand as their primary source of income. In addition to a small financial investment, Anago unit franchisees only need grit and a desire to succeed. Individuals focused on success and willing to invest a little sweat equity upfront do exceptionally well. Many unit owners convert the opportunity into rallying friends and family to join them, servicing various clients. We have many entrepreneurs who dive in as a family business and many others who entered the Anago system alone but have grown into a family affair. This works great for expanding clients and creating a pathway toward generational wealth.

Anago offers support with financing, insurance, orientation, discounted supplies, qualified sales leads, marketing support, and best practices for operating your commercial cleaning business.

Among the things you want from 2023, opening a new business and revenue source may be at the top of your list. We encourage you to reach out and discuss how Anago might be a perfect choice. We’d love to be a part of your dreams becoming reality!