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Read on for 5 Things Your Commercial Cleaner Should NEVER Do

Author: Darlene Bernd

Your professional commercial cleaners should practice the latest, most effective, and eco-friendly cleaning techniques every time they clean your office or facility.


1. Cleaner cleaning your facility without proof of insurance and bonding

This guarantees that you, the client, are not financially or legally at fault if something unfavorable happens during your commercial cleaning service. If a cleaner gets injured or something gets damaged or goes missing while in your facility, their insurance should cover it. It’s always best to ask for a copy of their current insurance so you’re not liable for those mishaps. Anago franchisees are fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind.

2. Cleaner using the same cloths for different tasks

If they’re all the same color, how do cleaners know which cloth cleaned your bathroom and then your desk? Our color-coded microfiber cloths remove microbes from hard surfaces. The synthetic split microfiber material attracts and locks dirt, preventing cross-contamination. These hypo-allergenic cloths are non-abrasive and washable – less waste!

3. Cleaner missing inspections

Since most office cleaning is done after hours, you won’t see the people cleaning. That’s why our Brand Managers insist on regularly scheduled inspections of your cleaned facility to ensure your complete satisfaction. And with our CleanCom® app, you’re always in direct communication with your cleaning technicians. You can even send a photo with a special request and get a response within 2 hours – guaranteed.

4. Cleaner using bleach to clean

Bleach is corrosive, ruins fabrics and surfaces, and is highly toxic to people and animals when misused. Our franchisees use effective, less harsh alternatives that clean and disinfect, making your workplace healthier.

5. Cleaner overlooking your telephones & doorknobs

It’s not surprising that office phones are the single dirtiest part of any office. And contamination of just one single doorknob can spread germs throughout your office in no time. This can cause illness and increase employee sick time. Ensure that your cleaning technicians disinfect all telephones and doorknobs every time.