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Small Business Opportunities to Consider: Good Time to Buy a Franchise


As the coronavirus continues to grip the global economy, nations are working hard to figure out ways to re-open businesses and get people back to work. For many, the months without a job have caused stress, harmed families, and cast a huge shadow of doubt on what the financial future looks like. People are looking for other ways to not only survive financially but thrive.

Were you among the millions of people laid off or furloughed from your pre-COVID-19 job? Do you worry about the financial future of our economy? What about your personal household finances? Can you survive another time period of lost wages and no work? These are all valid questions and ones that families across America are having right now while sitting around the kitchen table. If you haven’t thought of it already, commercial cleaning is one industry that will continue to grow in the post-pandemic world and was among the few industries deemed “essential” as we navigate through this unprecedented time.

Operating your own business can be hard work, but equally rewarding. There are benefits worth noting and here at Anago, we’ve created a program for people looking to get into the business that makes it really easy. First, it is a fast business to start and you can be guaranteed clients right from the start. Within a short time, you will be up and running. Your capital costs are very low, and you can finance your franchise. There is very little equipment needed when you start, and you can run your business from home.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the economic resilience of the commercial cleaning industry. We learned about this in 2007-08 during the “Great Recession.” Commercial cleaning came out strong having only dropped approximately 2 percent overall. We are still learning about how the recent global pandemic will affect our industry, but initial forecasts show that we are still strong. Systemwide sales were down about 15 percent but are expected skyrocket once businesses start to open back up.

The new normal will have a much deeper, more appreciative perspective on commercial cleaning and businesses will have to maintain a much higher standard of cleaning to keep their employees and customers safe (and feeling safe).

Bottom line, cleaning is, and will be, on everybody’s mind for the foreseeable future, so why not think more about owning your own commercial cleaning business.  Anago has a family feel and we are proud of that. If interested, listen to what we have to offer. We are proud to share that Entrepreneur Magazine listed Anago Cleaning Systems as the #2 Franchise under $50K and the #14 fastest growing franchise available today. Let us show you what commercial cleaning franchise success could look like for you, your family, and both your futures.

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