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Commercial Floor Stripping & Waxing Services

Rejuvinate the look of your flooring and extend their lifetime with commercial stripping and waxing services

Maintaining your floor’s appearance can be challenging because of constant foot traffic. For vinyl and VCT flooring that requires routine maintenance and care, your franchise owner at Anago Cleaning Systems offers exceptional commercial floor waxing and commercial floor stripping solutions for your business.

Anago franchisees perform stripping and waxing services for floors:

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Anago is your commercial floor waxing and stripping company, ready to transform your lifeless floors into sparkling masterpieces that attract new customers and employees. You can trust our franchisees to complete a detailed assessment of your floors before employing powerful and effective commercial cleaning techniques.

Partnering with Anago franchisees for comprehensive floor buffing and waxing means you have access to competitively priced solutions, routine commercial cleaning, and an experienced cleaning team with your needs constantly in mind.

Effective Commercial Floor Stripping

Is the pre-existing wax on your floors looking a little worse for the wear? Anago franchisees are happy to support you in enhancing the appearance of your floors by stripping off all the old wax material and preparing it for fresh products. They take great care when stripping your floors because they know the incorrect chemicals and a rushed process can irreparably damage the flooring. Anago franchisees take their time to assess the state of your floors before implementing our services. The thorough methods employed by franchise owners ensure old wax is removed from hard-to-reach places like around door frames and baseboards.

Detailed Commercial Floor Waxing

Once your floors are completely stripped of wax and other chemicals, Anago franchisees apply multiple coats of sealer-enriched wax to fortify your space. Their team provides ample time for your flooring to dry to avoid any damage from heavy foot traffic. After everything is sealed properly, your floors will be stunning and enhance the look and feel of your commercial space.

Prevent Floor Problems With Stripping & Waxing

As a local commercial floor waxing and commercial floor stripping company, our franchisees have worked with various industries and understand that you require durable and long-lasting products. Because of years of expertise, Anago franchise owners know how to avoid mistakes.

Franchisees prevent issues with stripping and waxing by:

You can always count on your local Anago franchise to be there when you need exceptional commercial cleaning services. Request a free quote or call (800) 213-5857 today to get started!

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