Our Mission & Values

As the name Anago implies, our mission is to “lift up” our Franchise Owners to achieve financial freedom and security as they provide superior service to their clients. Anago Cleaning Systems’ comprehensive systems and people work together to guarantee success for our Franchise Owners, as well as total satisfaction for their clients.

David Povlitz, Founder of Anago Cleaning Systems, always knew he was an entrepreneur at heart. And in that spirit, he pursued his dream by building a world-class commercial cleaning franchise.

  1. Believe in People
  2. Have Personal and Professional Integrity
  3. Give People the Opportunity for Advancement
  4. Promote Training and Education
  5. Reserve the Right to Make Mistakes
  6. Provide a Sense of Achievement and Enjoyment
  7. Manage with Goals

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Our Executive Team

anago team members

Adam D. Povlitz, CFE, CCE

CEO & President

anago team members

Peter Sheldon

Chief Strategy Officer

anago team members

Jay Benge

Chief Operating Officer

anago team members

Judy Walker, CFE

Senior Vice President

anago team members

Lisa Ritenour, CFE

Vice President, Internal Operations

anago team members

Juan Catoni, CFE, CCE

Vice President, Franchise Operations

anago team members

Chris Cunius

Vice President, Franchise Development

anago team members

Ana Hernandez

Vice President Of Marketing

anago team members

Adam Yazejian

Director Of Sales


Generational Wealth

  • Build a business with residual income and unlimited growth potential that can be passed down to future generations.

You’re the Franchisor

  • Be the CEO of your own franchising company while securing contracts and selling your own Unit Franchises to service those contracts.

Only One Required

  • Unlike other franchise models where you need to purchase multiple units to make any money, all you need is one Master Franchise to build an empire.

Minimal Overhead

  • You only need a small office and few employees to get started on your road to success. No major real estate investment or construction needed.
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